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Damage Claims

Damage Claims 

Damage claims are demands for monetary compensation for harm that has been done to another person or their property, whether intentionally or negligently. The compensation can be for the immediate consequences following an injury (present pain, mental anguish, etc.), as well as future damage as a result of the injury. 

Damage claims against a foreign company: Is it possible?

In today’s global marketplace, it may not be immediately obvious who to sue if there has been damage or injury. Foreign companies that ship products to Israel directly (without an importer) are liable to damage claims. However, if someone buys a product from abroad and personally brings it to Israel, they cannot sue for damage claims. 

If the injured party is not a resident of Israel and an individual or company in Israel has wrongfully caused them harm or loss, they have the right to file damage claims in Israel.

The most common types of damage claims are property and personal injury.

Property Damage Claims

When filing for compensation for property damage claims, the injured party may not be suing the person who caused the damage, rather the insurance company that covers such damages. Even so, insurance companies may not cover the full amount of the damage claim and could end up paying only a part of it. Insurance companies bring in highly skilled professionals to investigate claims so, it is recommended to hire a lawyer who is not just experienced with tort law, but also equipped with the street smarts required to deal with insurance companies.

Personal Injury Claims

Tort law in Israel distinguishes between personal injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident, and personal injuries caused in other circumstances. However, broadly speaking,  there are three types of personal injury claims – pain, present financial losses and future expenses (medical treatments etc.)

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