Property Management Lawyer


Despite ongoing global economic fluctuations, the continuous positive performance of Israel’s property market is nothing short of remarkable. Eye-catching headliners and off-the- charts statistical figures attest to this phenomenon and has attracted many investors, such as yourselves, to consider moving their financial resources to Israel. While the Israeli real estate market is no doubt attractive, […]

National Insurance Alimony

National Insurance Alimony In Israel, alimony payments are the responsibility of the father and if he fails to pay, whether intentionally or due to financial difficulties, the woman and child may be entitled to a maintenance allowance from the National Insurance Institute. The amount paid by the National Insurance Institute varies from case to case, […]

Damage Claims

עורך דין נזיקין

Damage Claims  Damage claims are demands for monetary compensation for harm that has been done to another person or their property, whether intentionally or negligently. The compensation can be for the immediate consequences following an injury (present pain, mental anguish, etc.), as well as future damage as a result of the injury.  Damage claims against […]

Real Estate Taxation


Real Estate Taxation in Israel When buying or selling real estate, especially in a foreign country, it is important to be familiar with the local laws and regulations. Since 2014, Israel has seen major changes and reforms to the real estate tax laws. These changes have affected the bottom line for both buyers and sellers, […]

Capacity Investigation

‘Knowledge is power’ and this adage is true even in the world of bankruptcy. When an individual or a company is unable to repay their debts, often the first step is to gather information about their financials. In bankruptcy proceedings, usually a debtor ends up paying a portion of the debt over a period of […]

Starting a Company

עורך דין מסחרי

Starting a company  In the ‘start-up nation’ anyone, including non nationals, can form a private company like a limited liability company (LLC). Most business owners aspire to become a limited liability company because it makes good business sense and allows more flexibility. Also, customers tend to view companies more favorably, and, in the business world, […]

Debt Collection for Companies

DEBT COLLECTION FOR COMPANIES In Israel, if you own a company, whether big or small, you would at some point have debt collection issues to deal with. Knowing your rights as an owner as well as the legal procedures are key to a successful and stress-free business venture. From a legal standpoint, there is a […]

Interest Rate Reduction

מזונות ביטוח לאומי

Unpaid debts are a slippery slope because they can accumulate rather quickly. When a debt is not paid on time, a debtor must repay it with interest and the interest on late payment to the execution authority is much higher than the interest one would pay to the bank. Fortunately, it is possible to apply […]

Information Warrant

צו הבאה

What is an information warrant? The debt enforcement authority in Israel, more so than in other countries, has the authority to implement various actions to ensure that execution winners are repaid the debts that are owed to them. One such tool is an information warrant, which authorizes the enforcement registrar to collect information about a […]

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