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Real estate includes a wide array of topics such as purchasing and selling, leases and contracts, construction defects, and more. Having a good lawyer to advise you on real estate matters and decisions is crucial. Imagine a scenario where you’ve found your dream apartment, and to you, it checks all the right boxes. Yet, without the trained eye of an experienced lawyer inspecting the apartment, you may end up paying far more than you planned, either for hidden costs, damages, repairs or other additional expenses. This is just one example where consulting a real estate lawyer may potentially save you a lot of headache, stress and money, in the long run. In the following articles, we address various real estate matters and point out a lawyer’s role in each of them.

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You may be thinking that since a transfer of real estate from one heir to another involves a transfer of funds, it would incur a tax. After all, tax payment is typical with real estate purchases. Fortunately, as far as inheritance is concerned, any transfer of property between heirs can be made without paying taxes. Even so, it may help to prepare, in advance, an agreement between the heirs to ensure that things proceed smoothly.

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