Dana Nahum, Attorney at Law

Dana has a law degree (LL.B.) from the College of Management Academic Studies, Israel, and she is a member of the Israel Bar Association. Dana has worked in the Office of the State Attorney (civil law) and during this time, she managed personal status cases and civil cases. Dana is also experienced in representation in judicial courts. Dana has also volunteered in the enforcement office and during her time there, her main responsibilities were to respond to debtor’s applications submitted to the enforcement registrar. Dana has been actively engaged in civil litigation since 2018, and she specializes in the field of execution, family, wills, inheritances and personal status. Dana is also authorized to draw up a lasting power of attorney.

Out of a strong determination to respond to the legal needs of residents who live away from Israel’s central hub, Dana is currently based in the southern region. 

Dana’s vision is to provide the client with professional care without compromise. She achieves this with close supervision, and a strong work ethic that emphasizes dedication, responsibility and commitment.  

“Sometimes the client finds it difficult to express his private justice. My success is to express for him what he cannot express, in front of a large system. All this, through the legal knowledge I gained throughout my years of study, my professional experience and building a correct strategy”

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