David Derri, Attorney at Law

Attorney David Derri, a graduate of Tel Aviv University’s esteemed law school, is one of Israel’s leading lawyers. David founded the law firm David Derri & Co. in 1987 and has since acted as a defense attorney in thousands of cases. These include national security cases, most of which remain confidential to this day. David has an extremely impressive acquittal rate in criminal cases, notably in cases that proceeded to trial and where verdicts were given. 

David was a parliamentary advisor in the Knesset in the 1980s and early 1990s, representing memos, bills and petitions to the High Court. David has also been a high-ranking legal advisor in civil law for top law firms in Israel. In the 1990s, David advised the (late) Attorney Zvi Mitar and accompanied his office in representing one of the defendants in the famous ‘North American Bank’ case. 

David is known for his professionalism and creativity and he currently serves as the firm’s expert on criminal and civil law, advising on cases that are particularly complex.

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