National Insurance Alimony

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National Insurance Alimony

In Israel, alimony payments are the responsibility of the father and if he fails to pay, whether intentionally or due to financial difficulties, the woman and child may be entitled to a maintenance allowance from the National Insurance Institute. The amount paid by the National Insurance Institute varies from case to case, and is often determined by established regulations. However, not every mother is entitled to such an allowance since it is based on her level of income.


What is the purpose of the National Insurance alimony allowance?

The purpose of the National Insurance alimony allowance is to ensure that dependents can maintain a reasonable standard of living. For a family who depends solely on the father’s income and alimony payments, the national insurance allowance gives them a chance to live with dignity and to be somewhat financially stable. 


Should you apply for National Insurance alimony or initiate collection proceedings? 

When alimony is not paid, an alternative to applying for an allowance from the National Insurance is to start proceedings for alimony collection through the execution office. However, one of the major drawbacks is that the collection procedures are complex and cumbersome. Not everyone has the time or energy to deal with this. Applying for alimony from the National Insurance, on the other hand, is a much quicker process, partly because you receive the allowance directly from the insurance, and not from the debtor. If you meet all the conditions for receiving an allowance from the National Insurance, this may be a better option for you. 


‘Women’s Alimony’: Main conditions for eligibility

One of the main conditions for receiving ‘women’s alimony’ is proof that without this allowance, you wouldn’t survive financially. A working woman with income equal to or higher than the amount specified in the regulations would not be eligible to receive an allowance. An unemployed woman receiving benefits that are equal to or exceed a specified amount would likewise not receive this allowance. A comprehensive list of the eligibility conditions are available on the National Insurance official website.


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